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ACToR (Aggregated Computational Toxicology Resource) is EPA's online warehouse of all publicly available chemical toxicity data and can be used to find all publicly available data about potential chemical risks to human health and the environment. ACToR aggregates data from over 1000 public sources on over 500,000 environmental chemicals searchable by chemical name, other identifiers and by chemical structure.
The data warehouse:
  • Allows users to search and query data from other EPA chemical toxicity databases including:
    • ToxRefDB (30 years and $2 billion worth of animal toxicity studies).
    • ToxCastDB (data from screening 1,000 chemicals in over 500 high-throughput assays).
    • ExpoCastDB (consolidate and link human exposure and exposure factor data for chemical prioritization).
    • DSSTox (provides high quality chemical structures and annotations).
  • Includes chemical structure, physico-chemical values, in vitro assay data and in vivo toxicology data.
  • Includes, but not limited to, high and medium production volume industrial chemicals, pesticides (active and inert ingredients), and potential ground and drinking water contaminants.

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ACToR News
ACToR version 2013Q4 is being built and will be available soon
CSS Dashboards with ToxCast Phase II data to be available October 2013

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