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Data Collection List
NameDescriptionAssaysChemicalsData PointsAll Data
ACEAACEA - Real-time Cell Electronic Sensing73202240Data Table
AttageneAttagene - Transcription factor assays8132023360Data Table
BioSeekBioSeek - Cell-based protein level assays17432055680Data Table
CellumenCellumen - Cell imaging assays1932018240Data Table
CellzDirectCellzDirect - Transcription assays1632013440Data Table
GentronixGentronix - GreenScreen GeneTox assay1320320Data Table
NCGCNCGC - nuclear receptor assays193206080Data Table
NHEERL MESCMouse Embryonic Stem Cells from Sid Hunter and group83202560Data Table
NHEERL ZebrafishZebrafish data from Stephanie Padilla and group63201824Data Table
NovascreenNovascreen / Caliper - receptor binding and enzyme inhibition assays27332093440Data Table
SolidusSolidus - P450 vs. cytotoxicity assays43201280Data Table
ToxRefDBToxRefDB - Toxicology Reference Database - Guideline animal study data463301116305Data Table

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